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Facts and figures about the online dental-implant-year 2015

  • Facts about online Dental Implants 2015

The online dental-implant-year 2015 ended a couple of days ago and we took a closer look at the facts and figures about what happened on the various digital channels like Social Media, Online News, Blogs, and many more. Overall there have been more than 400’000 mentions of dental implants in some of the most common languages worldwide.

From those 400’000 mentions, Twitter has been the most used channel by far (72%), followed by Online News (15%), Blogs (6%) and Forums (1,3%). Interestingly, Facebook only accounted for 1,2% of all online mentions about dental implants. Maybe a lot of the posts have been privately shared and therefore were not available for the search robots.

If we dive into the geographical distribution, we see that the US is the leading country with roughly 140’000 mentions of dental implants (or 34% of the overall mentions). Next is Spain with 22% and China accounting for 8%. From a language perspective English accounted for 44% of the posts/hits, followed by Spanish (41%), Chinese (8%), and German (2,5%). Interestingly, if we only look at Twitter, then Spanish is the leading language with 56% of all tweets. Looking at Facebook alone, English accounts for 87% of the posts.

From a content perspective “first consultation” or “first consultation for free” were the most used related terms, besides words like “clinic”, “hospital”, “university”, “#smile”, “your mouth”, … and of course #straumann 😉

Probably the most shared piece of content was an article on a french news portal featuring the funny advertisement of an Argentinian beer company. More than 70’000 people have shared this article on Facebook!

Of course this method of online monitoring is just one side of the coin. First it’ll be interesting to see how the conversation volume about dental implants will evolve over time, and second we should consider the search volume of people seeking information about dental implants online. Not everything that gets published also gets read. Therefore one of the future articles on STARGET will cover the online search volume.

By the way: We used Talkwalker to monitor the following terms over the period from Jan 1, 2015 until Dec 31, 2015:

  • Dental Implants
  • Implantes Dentales
  • Implants Dentaires
  • Impianto Dentale
  • Implantes Dentários
  • Zahnimplantate
  • 牙种植体
  • 치과 임플란트
  • 歯科インプラント

You can use Talkwalker for free to do some of your own research. How about you find out who in your region/country are the most influential people or media talking about dental implants? Maybe you find out that some of your competitor dentists in town use digital marketing tools heavily to attract new patients. If you want to jump on the boat, rememeber that Straumann offers a solid digital marketing package for dentists.

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