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Why is the Straumann CEO hanging upside down from the ceiling?


With “Straumann hangs its CEO”, the company has launched an unconventional social media campaign to illustrate the importance of using original components, causing a stir in the dental markets worldwide. Uncompromising quality and precision “Made in Switzerland” have always been cornerstones of Straumann’s philosophy. We stand by our products and we are personally convinced that they work because they are made-to-last and reliable.

Thus, to demonstrate the performance and reliability of original Straumann® components and his absolute confidence, Straumann CEO Marco Gadola, allowed himself to be suspended upside down from the ceiling – from just four Straumann dental implants and abutment blanks. The video clip, which can be watched on Youtube, is the cornerstone of an awareness campaign to underline the importance of original Straumann prosthetic components for long-term implant treatment. Marco Gadola is carried entirely by four standard Straumann connecting screws (measuring 2 mm in diameter) that are held by three tiny thread pitches within the implants. This is shown clearly in the “Making of” video, which explains how the suspension was performed.

The campaign addresses dentists and dental technicians and provides specific guidelines to the target groups on how to “become a Straumann original”.

Compatible is not original!

Certain third-party manufacturers have copied Straumann prosthetic components and claim that their products are “compatible” with Straumann® originals. However, it is a fact that copycat manufacturers do not have access to the exact manufacturing specifications, which are proprietary and strictly confidential to Straumann. “Compatible” is not “original” and if the connection between implant and abutment is imprecise, the risk of complications may be increased. In contrast, the long-term scientific evidence1 available underlines and confirms the excellent clinical performance of original prosthetic components from Straumann. Non-original abutments are used to reduce initial treatment costs – often without the patient being adequately informed of this proceeding and the possible consequences that may result from combining original components with lookalikes. In some cases, even the treating dentist is not informed by the laboratory that non-original products have been processed.
More than a promise “Our ultimate goal at Straumann is to instill complete confidence – in our products, our services and our people. By taking part in this campaign personally, I wanted to share my complete confidence in the precision and reliability of our implant system with customers – in words and action. I also wanted to highlight my confidence in our specialists. I did not need test results or demonstrations; their word that this would work was enough. The commercial also reflects the innovative and creative power of our team. I wouldn’t have done this with any other product on the market.”
Marco Gadola, CEO, Institut Straumann AG

Become an #OriginalStraumann!

Don’t worry. You don’t have to hang yourself upside down from four implants to become a true Straumann original. Actually it is quite easy. Just follow these three steps:


  1. Insist on original Straumann® components.
  2. Verify the authenticity of the components by checking if the two stripes of the Straumann logo are on the abutment connection or use our online verification tool:
  3. Document the use of original Straumann® components in the patient’s implant passport

Dental Technicians

  1. Learn about the benefits of original Straumann® components.
  2. Use and recommend original Straumann® components.
  3. Explain the value of original Straumann® components to your dentist customers.

More than 70’000 views within 15 days

Straumann launched the campaign in March prior to the IDS. Within 15 days, more than 70.000 people had watched the video clips and made the #OriginalStraumann campaign a great success, generating many positive feedbacks on Facebook and Twitter.

  • 70’000+ video views on Youtube • 20’000+ likes on Facebook
  • 120 retweets on Twitter
  • 97 #OriginalStraumann adoptions

Straumann’s presence at the IDS in Cologne has contributed significantly to this great success. At the world’s leading dental fair the company exhibited the original suspension attachment used in the stunt and aroused curiosity and interest among thousands of visitors from all over the world.

1 Wittneben JG, Buser D, Salvi GE, Bürgin W: Complication and failure rates with implant-supported fixed dental prostheses and single crowns: A 10 y retrospective study. Clin Implant Dent Relat Res 2013; (E-pub ahead of print).
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