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Is the dogma of using the largest diameter still valid? Straumann® Roxolid Implants


Implant dimensions have been in the focus of clinical discussions in the last years. Hardware modifycations with modern alloys like Roxolid and modified implant neck design have led to increased interest in this topic. Especially the possible reduction of the rate of augmentations is of high interest and might reduce patient morbidity and costs. This year the ITI Consensus Conference has defined clinical indications in which narrow diameter implants are indicated. This has lead to a separate definition of indications for the one-piece so called “Mini-Implants” compared to the standard two-piece implants. Two piece narrow diameter implants of 3.3 – 3.5 mm are within the focus of discussion regarding their use in “highly load bearing” regions. The lecture will introduce this very recent ITI statement based on a recent review.

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