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Straumann® CARES® ‹M Series: more options for in-lab milling and grinding

  • The Straumann®‹M Series milling and grinding system enables dental laboratories to produce an extensive range of restorations for every type of indication.

Wet, wet/dry and dry-milling: the Straumann®‹ CARES® M Series milling and grinding system enables dental laboratories to produce an extensive range of restorations for every type of indication. Its compact design fits in any laboratory and it can handle a wide range of materials, allowing your lab to produce a broad range of prosthetics – from inlays, onlays, veneers, and single crowns, to bridges and screw-retained restorations. Prosthetics can be milled, or ground, in wet or dry modes from materials, including glass ceramic, zirconia, PMMA, cobalt-chromium – sinter metal, wax, lithium disilicate ceramics and resin nanoceramic.

The M Series is a single system that can handle the majority of your casework. With multiple workflow options, you can enjoy the full flexibility of using one system regardless of what case appears from your customer. Changing from dry to wet mode is a very easy process in only 6 steps. For work peaks, or complex cases, our centralized milling facility operates as an extension of your lab. The Straumannn CARES® Visual CAM Module includes an elaborated collision control and evasion to ensure a high degree of process reliability: quick nesting, easy positioning, and alignment of design in the blank, as well as nesting for different blank and block shapes and sinter support block for long-span zirconia restorations.

The Straumannn CARES® Visual CAM Module provides effective nesting of objects and fast milling path calculation. Sinter supoort structures and individual nesting pins available (click on picture to enlarge).


The Straumann® CARES® offering for dental labs connects carefully selected, best-in-class dental equipment (scanners, CARES® Visual software, milling machines, high-temperature furnaces) with the latest digital technology and premium materials to provide a seamless, fully validated workflow for the state-of-the-art dental lab. You can be sure that our solution will 1. enable you to offer a broader range of prosthetic solutions and services, 2. increase your lab’s productivity and efficiency and 3. let you enjoy the benefits of future-proof hardware and software!

Straumann® CARES® for labs

Replace traditional dental impressions with highly accurate digital data! Based on our novel 3D capture technique called Multi-scan Imaging™, the extremely compact Straumann® CARES® Intraoral Scanner allows dentists and clinicians to quickly and easily create digital impressions. The remarkably small handpiece, one of the smallest on the market today, is particularly patient-friendly. Based on the open STL data format, digital impressions can be sent directly to your lab partner via Straumann® CARES® Connect.

Straumann® CARES® for dentists




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