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Straumann and Sirona collaborate to offer a broader range of CAD/CAM prosthetic options

  • Straumann Variobase® for CEREC®
  • Straumann Variobase® for CEREC®

Straumann and Sirona Dental Systems have signed a collaboration agreement that enables dental practices to produce individualized implant prosthetics chairside using Straumann Variobases supported by Sirona’s CEREC system. At the same time, Sirona lab customers will be able to use Straumann’s centralized milling option as a ‘trusted partner’ in the Sirona inLab workflow.

Increasing popularity of simple titanium-bonding-base abutments
In recent years, there has been a marked increase in the popularity of simple titanium-bonding-base abutments (TiBases). Straumann has responded to this trend by introducing its Variobase family of abutments with original connections, which now includes a specially designed Variobase for CEREC users. Sirona’s CEREC system enables dentists and dental labs to produce a variety of cost-effective TiBase CAD/CAM prosthetics for implants chairside.

Marco Gadola, CEO Straumann

“Our aim is to ensure that patients with Straumann implants also receive prosthetics with Straumann original connections, which are produced to our specifications, fit perfectly and are covered by our warranty. We are pleased that we can now offer CEREC users this option with Sirona’s support as well as the possibility for Sirona inLab customers to conveniently order high-end prosthetics from our milling centers in Germany, the US, Japan and Brazil.” Marco Gadola, CEO Straumann

Straumann Variobases for CEREC are now available in Europe, North America, Australia and New Zealand, with other countries to follow pending regulatory approvals. In the near future, Straumann expects to launch a new version with an optimized emergence profile which is compatible with existing material blocks used in the CEREC system. After an update of the CEREC software expected in early 2016, will be fully supported by the CEREC workflow for individualized abutments.  In a second agreement, the companies have settled mutual patent disputes, allowing Sirona to continue offering its own existing TiBase design for Straumann implants and permitting Straumann to use Sirona’s mirror anatomy software functionality for designing prosthetic teeth in its CAD/CAM CARES Visual software.

Straumann® Variobase is a registered trademark of Institut Straumann AG – CEREC® and inLab® are registered trademarks of Sirona Dental Systems

Make use of all the benefits
The chair-side implant-borne workflow provides a quick, efficient and cost-effective way to restore your implant cases. And it allows you to keep the whole value chain within your dental practice. Now, with the Straumann® Variobase® for CEREC® you can make use of all these benefits, plus you get the Straumann® original connection and an optimized abutment design for the Bone Level Implant platforms.

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