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Surgical event in Warsaw: More than 27 edentulous jaws restored in 4 days (Straumann® Pro Arch/Bone Level Tapered Implant)

  • Straumann® Pro Arch Surgical Event in Warsaw May 2016

March 2016: together with our Polish Distributor, Schmidtdental (, Straumann set up a 4-day surgical event with 22 patients (27 edentulous jaw cases) in Warsaw. Lead by Dr. Krzysztof Chmielewski, 15 selected clinicians (testimonial videos) took part in this event, which put to the test of daily practice the Straumann® Bone Level Tapered Implant (BLT) in combination with Straumann® Guided Surgery (now BLT-ready) and the Straumann® Pro Arch solution. One of the key goals was to provide these top surgeons with a unique clinical experience to fully convince them of the Straumann solutions.


The Straumann® Pro Arch solution is based on the treatment concept introduced by Paulo Malo (Malo et al., 2003b) and offers a safe, reliable and less complex treatment option for patients requiring full-arch treatments. Patients and clinicians benefit from the combination of the individualized prosthetics and the surgical advantages of the Straumann® SLActive® implant surface, as well as the unique material properties of Roxolid®. In combination with the Straumann® Bone Level Tapered Implant this solution offers the perfect symbiosis of treatment workflow, product design, material and surface: excellent primary stability even in compromised bone situations surface properties designed to maximize your treatment success and predictability.

The Straumann P2P (Peer-to-Peer) program started around 2 years ago and is currently expanding worldwide. Thanks to the Straumann Research Team and the local distributor in Poland, 15 surgeons with a high level of clinical expertise were identified, and they then participated in a clinical investigation to develop further the Pro Arch surgical technique. From the initial pilot cases to the calibration of the peers, the project culminated in an in-line case series in which 27 fully edentulous cases were fully rehabilitated and documented in 4 days (Hotchkiss et al., 2016).

Straumann® Pro Arch Surgical Event in Warsaw May 2016

Sunday, March, Warsaw, Poland: the team is ready for action.

Safety and efficiency with  BLT Guided Surgery

One of the key targets of this surgical event in Warsaw was to demonstrate the precision and accuracy of BLT Guided Surgery in the field. The system’s precision can be proven either scientifically or visually through the “Treatment Evaluation” function in the planning software CoDiagnosticX™ that measures discrepancies down to a minimum of 0.01 mm. Such enormous precision levels illustrate the higher safety of the guided surgery approach compared to non-guided procedures and, at the same time, they enable for the most accurate prosthetic-driven placement that meets highest surgical standards. Even though the planning may take a bit longer in the beginning, it will result in a much higher level of comfort and safety for the patient as well as a more efficient surgical procedure. Promising results are expected to be published at the end of the year.

A big thank you to all the clinic owners in Warsaw who provided up to 2 surgery rooms in their clinics to ensure a smooth process!

Sunday, March 13th at 10 am in Warsaw – the moment of truth: 4 clinics, 15 clinicians, more than 25 patient cases in 4 days with 4 supervisors! The key challenge was that all the cases had to be from the category “advanced” and/or “complex”, while the surgeons were the first group worldwide to use the BLT implant in a Straumann® Guided Surgery procedure, in combination with dental wings, temporary implants and the latest devices from Osstell and W&H. After 3 months of intense preparation and planning, 15 clinicians entered the first dental clinic, “Klinika Proimplant”. Oliver Schmidt, Dr. Krzysztof Chmielewski and Prof. Dr. Michel Dard explained the event, the objectives and the whole procedure, encompassing the new, BLT-ready Straumann® Guided Surgery System, which would be used for the very first time in the world. After the introduction, Dr. Chmielewski performed a live surgery, which was transmitted to the lecture room. Subsequently, the clinicians had the chance to ask questions and obtain more details on the procedure. They were also able to take a close look at the components.

Monday, March 14th at 9 am: the individual surgeries start in 4 clinics in Warsaw. Each surgery is supervised by one of these experienced mentors: Dr. Krzysztof Chmielewski, Dr. Orcan Yüksel, Dr. Pedro Goncalves and Prof. Dr. Michel Dard.

Dr. Michel Dard

 “Besides the professional work, the peer-to-peer concept from Straumann in this Polish study group was also a success. New options, challenges and horizons are possible, feasible and visible in strong partnerships.”

Prof. Dr. Michel Dard

Institut Straumann/New York University and Columbia University

Thursday, March 17th: During these 4 days, the patients received an implant-borne full-arch restoration on the same day as the treatment. Every patient case was planned individually with Straumann® CoDiagnostiX® and executed with the Straumann® Guided Surgery System using 3D-printed surgical guides. Clinically, such a strategy was a critical success factor in ensuring a consistent surgical approach and predictable outcomes. Based on this thorough planning and preparation, backed up by close collaboration with all stakeholders, the team managed to provide all the patients with a new full-arch restoration. The guided surgery workflow show-cased the Straumann approach to edentulous cases: maximum bone preservation (i.e. with no bone grinding) and a minimally invasive procedure – virtually all cases were planned and completed flapless. This has never been achieved before in such a setting and on such a scale. Furthermore, the professional assistance provided by the Straumann clinical team also cemented the trust of the participating surgeons. The “moment of truth” for some clinicians came at the post-op CBCT. They were very impressed to see such a level of precision that could be achieved with the new system from the outset. This rewarding experience helped win the hearts and minds and demonstrated the benefits of the new BLT guided surgery and the precision in the planning with CoDiagnostiX™.

Straumann® Pro Arch Surgical Event in Warsaw May 2016
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