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The social factors of implant therapy (ITI Online Academy Learning Pathway)

  • ITI Online Academy – The Social Factors of Implant Therapy
  • ITI Online Academy – The Social Factors of Implant Therapy

When a patient suffers loss of teeth, social, psychological and physical well-being are all impacted. Social and psychological factors, in particular, play a significant yet often overlooked role in the success or failure of dental implant therapy.

Learning Pathway of the ITI Online Academy addresses the non-biological factors that affect treatment outcomes:

• Social factors that may impact a patient’s willingness to accept a treatment plan
• Prosthetic factors that patients consider to be of primary importance
• Reasons why a person might refuse to accept implant treatment


The practice of implant dentistry is as much about experience as it is about science. Social Factors will strengthen your understanding of the importance of a complete impression of the individual patient.

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