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Straumann – 60 years of scientific driven innovations


The Institute Straumann has a long history of innovation and scientifically based product development leading to enhanced patient care. Professor Reinhard Straumann founded the Institute Straumann in 1954 based on two innovative special metal alloys that he patented for the Swiss watch industry. In the 1960’s Fritz Straumann, son of Reinhard began working with the Swiss Association for the Study of Internal Fixation (AO/ASIF) and its research institute. This allowed the development of materials and manufacturing for implants to be used throughout the body. The collaboration allowed the Institute Straumann to become a world leader in internal fixation devices. With Dr. André Schroeder at the University of Bern in the 1970’s, the Institute Straumann began to research, develop and produce dental implants. Schroeder and Straumann realized that replacing teeth required an interplay of metallurgy, mechanics and biology and they proceeded to scientifically investigate materials, shapes and surfaces for dental implants. These studies have continued and have brought further innovation.

Such innovation has resulted in the non-submerged Tissue Level implant, the sand-blasted and acid etched implant surface SLA® and the latest surface technology, the chemically active and osteoconductive SLActive® surface. Additionally, as experts with a long history in metal and innovation in internal fixation, Straumann has developed new materials for dental implants including the revolutionary titanium/zirconium metal alloy Roxolid® and the new tooth colored ceramic zirconia oxide implant specially manufactured to create an SLA® like surface called the ZLA™ surface. Roxolid® Implants with the SLActive® surface represent a new standard in implant dentistry due to their exceptional strength and highly reactive/osteoconductive surface allowing for small diameter and shorter implant lengths. Likewise, the zirconia oxide implant brings a new standard in esthetic areas with a highly osteoconductive bone surface and a color to better match native tissues. These latest scientifically driven innovations are the natural evolution of products from the Institute Straumann where discovery and product development for patient care has been occurring for over 60 years!

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