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International course: Immediate temporization through a full digital protocol, October 3-4 in Madrid, Spain


Immediate loading is a differential factor for practices and, of course, patients. By attending the course at the Centro Clínico i2 Implantología in Madrid, Spain, you will learn how to use simple and reliable protocols in a full digital environment, and how to receive amazing results coming both from regular implant placement and guided surgery with Straumann® implants.

In most indications the ultimate purpose of implant treatment is to get immediate results in terms of esthetics and functionality, in a minimally invasive approach. This leads to an intensive use of immediate loading protocols with temporary prostheses. Both the guided prosthetics and the immediate loading in regular implant placement are a real opportunity by making use of intraoral scanning and appropriate treatment workflows. Our course will show you how to incorporate these techniques in your practice in a simple and reliable way and on a daily basis. It will be the beginning of a new way of implant dentistry for you.

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