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Digital clinical photography: how to capture high-quality pictures (ITI Learning Pathways)

  • Clinical photography is an indispensible tool for documenting and communicating various stages of implant treatment.
  • ITI Online Academy Learning Pathway

The importance of photography in implant dentistry cannot be overstated. Clinical photography is both an art and a science – and thus a scientific approach is required to master this powerful tool. A new ITI Online Academy Learning Pathway provides professional knowledge.

Make ideal use of the camera when documenting your cases
Proficiency in composition, exposure, and focus require a structured approach, and that’s where the new ITI Online Academy Learning Pathway on Digital Clinical Photography can help, which is especially useful for clinicians wishing to document cases for lectures and presentations. In addition to a Learning Module dedicated to this topic (author: Frank Eugene Lozano), content includes clinical cases that demonstrate the ideal use of dental photography in documenting: various treatment stages, including prosthetics, laboratory steps, and surgical procedures.

“A picture is worth a thousand words”
This old adage is especially true in dentistry. Clinical photography is an indispensible tool for documenting and communicating various stages of implant treatment. This Learning Module and Assessment will teach you the skills and techniques needed to capture high-quality images. Although mastery of photography requires practice, predictable results are possible right from the start. At the end of this Learning Module you will feel confident that your camera is set up to capture consistent clinical images.

What you can learn

  • components of an optimal digital clinical photography setup
  • appropriate camera settings for intraoral and extraoral images
  • standard clinical views for dental team communication
  • ideal shade-taking photographs

ITI Learning Pathways: A key principle of the ITI Online Academy is to offer you maximum freedom with regard to which content you choose to extend and deepen your knowledge in implant dentistry. Learning Pathways are self-instructional content clusters that comprehensively explain and illustrate implant dentistry topics by combining the relevant theoretical knowledge with examples from clinical practice.

About the International Team for Implantology (ITI): The ITI is a worldwide, non-profit association of professionals in implant dentistry. The objectives of the ITI are the promotion and dissemination of knowledge about implant dentistry and related fields. The ITI’s mission is “… to promote and disseminate knowledge on all aspects of implant dentistry and related tissue regeneration through education and research to the benefit of the patient.”

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